Iron.Stone Symposium, Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum, Latvia. Ainavas Galds is a meditation on landscape and the effects of our appetite for resources. The refinery-imaged casting was formed out of paper and cardboard tubes, beverage bottles and household food boxes. All of the materials we use are resources; iron, stone, steel, oil, gas, food goods, etc. and our landscapes are the storehouses. I am interested in the connections between the materials of  art construction and the materials of industrial construction and the connections between our daily lives and petro-chemical landscapes.


Maris Strautmanis (b. 12/25/1961 – d. 4/13/2015)

This video was the final documentary produced by Maris Strautmanis, a dedicated contributor to the international cast iron art and sculpture community. Throughout his career as a free-lance videographer and producer for community-based television, he produced many pro-bono videos supporting the work and careers of numerous sculptors. Maris was proud of his Latvian heritage and participated extensively in Latvian cultural activities. Maris’ gift to us all was his participation in our lives as a father, husband, advisor, videographer, translator and friend. Thank you Maris - I love you.

Iron.Stone Symposium Pours: Link to Viimeo

The Iron.Stone Symposium and Exhibition at the Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum was a unique feature of the 7th International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art. The symposium focused on sculptural and land-based works integrating iron, stone and landscape. The work produced in response to the symposium was a unique exchange between landscape and iron even as the conference itself was a unique exchange between Latvian art and international sculptural iron casting.

Funding for the Iron.Stone Symposium was received from the United States Embassy in Latvia and the Latvian Cultural Commission. Ainavas Galds was supported by a St. Catherine University Academic Professional Development and Travel Grant with material support from Custom Tube Co. and numerous sponsors.

7th International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art

Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum


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Landscape Table - Ainavas Galds Cast iron, steel, glacial boulders - 25' x 10' x 5' - 2014