Ready for Rubber!

1994 Oldsmobile Achieva S on site at Franconia Sculpture Park. The car will be molded in rubber, then cast in concrete without a supporting mother mold.

Night Rubber!

The idea of Car Puddle is simple, materially and conceptually. Materially, it is the exploration of the flexibility of a rubber mold and the distortion of the form it can create if cast without a supporting structural mother mold, i.e. the fluidity of the molding process allowing room for material and structural deformation. Conceptually, it is the distortion of a familiar form/icon, a car. Working at this scale, the mold making and casting becomes physically difficult, and the results unpredictable. This is a great deal of my interest within the work, how it can be done, and the changes inherent in the process. The idea, as with all of my work, is to subvert the status of familiar objects, both physically and in our experience of them. But beyond that, creating a moment of possibilty within the mind of the viewer.

Franconia Sculpture Park




Ready for concrete