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Iron Rodeo was a ten-day iron-casting residency held at Maryhill Museum of Art in Washington State in August, 2002. (Video produced and directed by Maris Strautmanis.)

Horse heaven is just up the road and the road to Morrow is South of the river. You can see the moon set over Mt. Hood and hear the coyotes run. The bobcat showed up very late one night - ate the cat food in the shed. We poured 2000 lb of iron and drank more beer than that. Big country, leather chaps, hot iron!

The residency was coordinated by Tamsie Ringler (the Wrangler). Karl Unnasch (The Milky Way Bar Kid) assisted with running the residency. Leland Means provided the ends.

Kendra G. Brock-WA, Kathy Budd-NY, Sarah Clover-RI, Artelia Court-NM, Francis Fox-ID, Tony Knapp-WA, Cynthia Lahti-OR, Leland Means-CA, Roger Ralston-WA, Allison Siphron-OR, Lenny Smith-OR, Marilu Swett-MA, Caprice Pierucci Taniguchi-TX.

Magic Picture Show

Rodeo Photos

The Last Pour

Maryhill Museum of Art


iron rodeo ringler

iron rodeo ringler

iron rodeo ringler