Landscapes and Portraits

There is a shared iconography that shapes our lives - the forms of local experience, the landscapes we inhabit, and the objects we encounter that affect us on a daily basis. We understand their presence and their conceptual connections within our lives - inextricably. I am interested in these places where forms and ideas meet and converge, the place of possibility realized though sculpture. Immersing the viewer in the experience - through scale, sensorial effect, spectacle and immediacy - the place of possibility becomes reality. There are many levels to these experiences; the immediate impression of physicality, the identification with the subject, the synthesis of idea across boundaries of reality that take form in the viewer’s mind and create a new identification, a new relationship with familiar icons and ideas – a new landscape of experience.

Landscapes and Portraits capture the lives and studios of artists I know and work with through directly molding their workspaces and casting them in iron. These works focus on artists who have contributed to a deeper human engagement both through the creation of their own work and the creation of the opportunity and site for others to make work, teachers and generatives. There is no greater gift than this, to enable the potential of others. They become the interface, the place where personal and cultural transformation is possible.

Casting is also an interface - the place where form meets space in a moment of contained possibility. The interchange of space and form contained within a mold, between the physical and non-physical, captures the innate impermanence of forms. Through this work, I capture the momentary spaces within an artist's life, solidify them, and substantiate the interaction in iron. 

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