Dedicated to Maris Strautmanis. His help and love make all things possible.

Living Room was designed and constructed from 1999 to 2001. The couch, armchair and television were molded off of real furniture found in and around the Columbia River Valley.



Mosaic, cast bronze, concrete, glass, iron, 15'4" x 14'8" x 5'8", 2001

The Carpet

The mosaic carpet consists of 65,000 mosaic tiles, pieced by sixty volunteers from the community. The underlying pattern was inspired by the landscape around Gresham, the sky, the earth, the berries and mountains. The outlying ring pattern is based on the twined baskets of the Wasco-Wishxam tribes of the Columbia Gorge. Inset throughout are designs by eight students from Mt. Hood Community College, drawn from their culture, from their background and their experience of living in the shadow of Mt. Hood.

The Inset Designs



Ann Sacks Tile and Stone, Gresham Parks and Recreation, Miller Paint, Mt. Hood Community College, Karin and Richard Ringler, Starseed Foundation, Tri-Met Regional Transit Agency, Troutdale Sand and Gravel

Special Thanks to: Margaret Kuhn, Bernadette Rainsford, Rhue Brueggeman, Cathy Sherick, Georganne Watters and MHCC colleagues, Mary Priester and the Tri-Met Art Advisory Committee, And many others.